School Learning Council

Each year the Y6 children at John Ray Juniors can put themselves forward as candidates for Head boy or Head girl.  Children who are interested have to write a letter to Miss Harrison describing what is great about our school, what they think needs to improve and how they demonstrate our school values. 

  If shortlisted, the children are then invited to an interview with Miss Harrison and one of the Assistant Heads. Successful candidates then make    a presentation to the whole school in an assembly. 


 Following the presentations, children across the school vote for who they think would make a great Head girl and Head boy.  

 Congratulations to Nate, Lilly, Ellie, Lottie, Malakai, Tyler and Georgia for giving great presentations and although it was very  close, our Headboy and Headgirl for this year are Malakai and Lottie.  Lilly, Ellie, Tyler, Georgia and Nate will all become deputies.  

The school council works to gather and share information and celebrate our successes in our learning each week. We meet once a week to share this and feed back to our classes through our learning forums. We also discuss ways that we can make improvements around the school and how we can implement these changes. Everyone gets the chance to speak and share ideas which are all valued and respected in our meetings. Each member also gets the chance to chair the meetings and take minutes to be shared with the classes.  
Every year the children who want to run for school council are encouraged to prepare and present a campaign to their classes, after which a vote is held. Potential candidates share why they would make a good class representative and put forward any changes they have in mind to help improve our school. Recent projects have included how to make our school greener, by reintroducing recycling bins into classes and pitching for Meat Free Mondays.